Veggie sweets!

Katja zure sticks

I’ve seen sweets from Katjamany times before in the supermarket. Though I ate them in the past it didn’t occur to me they’re 100% vegetarian.

As you might have noticed on the (slightly awful taken) photo there are 4 different flavours in this package of sweets. They are strawberry, peach, orange and cassis. Personally I like the peach and strawberry the most! They’re sour and soft, ideal for on the go! Or when you’re bored and want a fruity sweet.

I love the fact that there is no animal gelatine used for this product! You don’t have to swear off all sweets just because you’re a vegetarian 😉

I also bought some veggie liquorice, I LOVE me some liquorice!!

Though it’s Dutch and I don’t know if they sell products from Katja in other countries outside of the Netherlands. You should definitely check their site and products out!