Booktober is here!

Finally the time of warm sweaters, cozening up to your loved one with hot chocolate enjoying at the fireplace. Well at least that’s what the dream setting is in movies.

First of all I have no fireplace. Second I like all seasons and though the summer weather this year was pretty okay, my body couldn’t get used to it. So I’m happy to say it’s officially Fall and that means..


The idea for me is to read one book per week, because I love books 📚 but don’t take the time to really enjoy them. 

The first book I’ll finish is written by Jojo Moyes. This book has already been turned into a movie, though I really wanted to go to the cinema to see it, I promised myself to wait until I finished the book. You probably already know what I’m talking about.. Me before you!

Do you often read books?

Love, Sarina

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